Jennifer Baumgart

Jennifer Baumgart

5 across, 4 down. In her spare time, Jenni likes doing crossword puzzles. It doesn’t matter if they’re easy or hard, they’re just fun to do she says. “It’s almost like banking,” she continues. “My clients give me clues about their needs; using First Bank’s products and services, I find the best solution that fits their budget and lifestyle.”

Although Jenni makes her job look easy, she is constantly learning. “I want to know it all!” she declares. “The more I know, the better I am at helping people. I guess, ‘I want it all’ for them too.”

“Life is more complicated than crossword puzzles,” Jenni admits. “Finding a solution isn’t just filling in a client’s ‘blanks’ with products. That would be a huge waste of their time and money and…no one wins,” she says. “Where do I look for solutions? The only place I can…just beyond the obvious answer!“

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